Tooth-Colored Fillings – Huntsville, OH

Solving Dental Decay & Damage

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Despite your best efforts, your teeth could suffer decay. Even people who brush and floss daily can get cavities at times. Still, these facts don’t mean you should put up with a weak and damaged tooth. You ought to try tooth-colored fillings in Huntsville. This option quickly repairs your dental damage and improves your smile’s look. If you’d like to learn more, we’re happy to tell you. Keep reading below for the details, or book a consultation with us!

What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

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Dental fillings are varied mixtures that repair tooth damage. Per their name, they typically “fill” the holes left by tooth decay (i.e., cavities). Doing so defends the treated areas from harmful microbes and other debris. The result is a tooth that’s stronger and healthier.

Unlike other kinds, tooth-colored fillings match your smile’s enamel. Their coloring allows them to blend seamlessly with adjacent teeth. Such an effect is due to their material – composite resin. As the substance is metal-free and bonds to your teeth, it rarely causes allergies and preserves much of your tooth structure. Thus, friends and family won’t even notice your former cavity.

The Process of Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

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To be honest, it’s fairly simple to get a tooth-colored filling. The process is pain-free and doesn’t take long. You’ll just need to attend a one-hour dental visit.

A filling treatment follows a few specific steps. For starters, the dentist will numb your mouth with an anesthetic. This measure keeps the filling work from hurting. Next, the dental team will remove your problem tooth’s decayed enamel and clean its innards. They’ll then wrap things up by applying the actual filling.

Once the filling is placed, treatment is largely over. We’ll only make a few last-minute changes so everything looks (and feels) good. Your tooth should then be as strong as ever and ready for the world!

The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

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In contrast to metal ones, tooth-colored fillings have some unique upsides. These include:

  • Lifelike Results – Due to using composite resin, tooth-colored fillings match your other teeth. They look very natural and won’t turn nearby areas gray.
  • No Tooth Sensitivity – When you get a tooth-colored filling, its resin shields your tooth’s nerves. That means it won’t make the area sensitive.
  • Less Invasive Care – Unlike metal fillings, tooth-colored ones remove little enamel. They generally leave your tooth’s natural structure intact.
  • A Healthier Smile – Tooth-colored fillings aren’t metallic and thus don’t trigger metal allergies. They also don’t expand or contract with temperatures. As a result, they’re less likely to cause chips, cracks, or fractures.
  • Long-Lasting Effects – Given proper care, tooth-colored fillings can last seven years or more. Such maintenance is as simple as cleaning them like natural teeth. So, always brush twice daily, floss once daily, and attend regular dental checkups.