Dental Bridges – Huntsville, OH

Providing Complete Smiles and Greater Confidence

Multiple missing teeth can be an embarrassing reality for many patients. Faced with various challenges such as eating and speaking, the gap left behind can serve as a reminder of what so many often take for granted – a complete smile. Dr. Kevin Grill and our team, though, want to give patients hope with the help of customized dental bridges in Huntsville. If you want to enjoy life with a full set of teeth again, call our office to schedule an appointment.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge on a mouth mold

A dental bridge is considered a form of tooth replacement that has been used for decades. Capable of restoring and rebuilding smiles that contain gaps left behind by multiple missing teeth, these restorations offer greater bite force and chewing power while also improving and enhancing the function and aesthetics of patients’ smiles.

They are created using two dental crowns that are placed on the ends of the bridge and artificial teeth (pontics) that are used to bridge the two crowns. When placed over healthy abutment teeth and gum tissues, the result is a fully restored smile.

Types of Dental Bridges

A dentist showing an implant bridge

Traditional dental bridges and implant bridges are the two different types of dental bridges you can expect Dr. Grill to discuss with you during your consultation.

Traditional Dental Bridge

With two dental crowns and artificial teeth making up a traditional dental bridge, this restoration is fixed into place using healthy abutment teeth. Delivering improved aesthetics, function, and confidence, dental bridges continue to be one of the go-to solutions for tooth loss.

Implant Bridge

A newer way to treat multiple missing teeth is with an implant bridge. Instead of altering healthy teeth to hold the restoration in place, an implant bridge uses titanium posts that are placed within the jawbone, fusing with the surrounding tissues over time. A custom bridge is then attached to the tops of the implants for longer-lasting function.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge?

Young man showing off his new dental bridge

You may not realize it when you first decide to move forward with dental bridges, but the reality is that they offer many great benefits, including:

  • The ability to feel confident when smiling, eating, and speaking
  • The assurance of knowing that your new smile will remain in place for 10-15 years if you choose a traditional bridge or 30+ years if you opt for an implant bridge
  • Can provide greater oral health because of the closure of the gap
  • A natural appearance because of the materials used to create the bridge